energi terbarukan: AKDO … aksi donk … 211209_051216

It’s the struggle of every coffee-shop lurker: Finding a nearby outlet to plug in our fast-draining phones. There’s a new solution spreading through Cambridge that doesn’t involve buying an over-priced latte to justify your seat. It doesn’t even require you to stay indoors: Just sit on a Soofa bench.

Soofa benches are already all over Boston. They offer solar-powered cellphone charging from the Common to the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Now they’re infiltrating Cambridge: The first Soofa bench was installed outside of Toscanini’s in Central Square Thursday morning, with 11 more popping up in the coming week.

“It was one of my favorite mornings today, because I wanted to see if they already installed the bench in Sennott Park, and it was there with people already using it,” said Sandra Richter, one of the founders and CEO of the MIT Media Lab spin-off Changing Environments.

She also walked to Kendall Square to witness the Cambridge public works team installing a Soofa in front of the Bertucci’s there. Benches are set to be installed in Harvard and Central squares today as well.

“It’s a big day for us,” she said.

Soofa benches feature a center solar panel, to spark conversation about solar energy, and two USB ports—though you have to bring your own charging cord.

Ten Soofa benches have already been installed throughout Boston as part of a 2014 pilot program. The expansion to Cambridge is especially exciting, Richter said, because now she sees her product embedded into her own neighborhood.

Though conceived in Cambridge—Richter met fellow designers Nan Zhao and Jutta Friedrichs at MIT—Soofas are quickly spreading throughout the country, and soon, the world. They’ve started shipping benches to Los Angeles, Austin, and Miami and are still figuring out how to ship internationally.

When the idea for Soofa first came about, it was meant to easily adapt to any city.

“We were all really interested in urban environments and how to create smart cities without having to plan products for 10 years away and a million dollars to spend,” Richter said. “We wanted something quick and low cost to get out into the world.”


Air Indonesia Hasilkan Listrik 75 Gigawatt
Senin, 21 Desember 2009 – 15:44 wib
Candra Setya Santoso – Okezone

Foto: Corbis.com
JAKARTA – Departemen Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral (ESDM) memperkirakan dari potensi air yang tersebar di Indonesia bisa menghasilkan energi listrik sebesar 75 gigawatt.

Hal tersebut disampaikan Direktur Energi Baru Terbarukan dan Konservasi Energi dari Departemen Energi Sumber Daya Mineral Ratna Ariati, dalam acara diskusi bertema The Prospek of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management, di Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Senin (21/12/2009).

Dari angka itu, 10 persen di antaranya bisa dibangun pembangkit listrik tenaga microhidro. Sayangnya potensi energi air yang sangat besar itu belum dimanfaatkan maksimal, baru sekitar lima persen saja.

Padahal, energi yang dihasilkan air dengan pembangkit tenaga microhidro bisa dijadikan sumber energi alternatif pada masa depan. Tak butuh bahan bakar apa pun selain air yang mengalir. Teknologi pembangkit jenis ini pun sudah dikuasai sepenuhnya oleh orang-orang Indonesia. Bukan itu saja kelebihan pembangkit listrik tenaga air.

“Pembangkit listrik tenaga microhidro juga ramah lingkungan, karena sama sekali tidak menghasilkan pencemaran atau menyebabkan pemanasan global,” ungkapnya.

Ratna mengklaim, pembangkit listrik baik tenaga micro hidro maupun pikohidro di Indonesia sudah memproduksi listrik sekitar 200 megawatt atau lebih dari 200 unit pembangkit. Sebagian di antaranya dikelola masyarakat, dan listrik yang dihasilkan bisa dijual ke PLN. “PLN wajib membeli listrik dari microhidro,” tegasnya.(rhs)


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