akhirnya, ADRO BAGI Rp 20,17 $4J4 … 120411

PT Adaro energy (ADRO) Tbk plans to pay out final dividend of US$75 million or about Rp645 billion, which is Rp20.17 per share, Investor Daily reported.

“The final dividend is proposed for approval in the shareholders meeting scheduled April 20. The dividend is exclusive of interim dividend paid out last year,” said Devindra Ratzarwin, corporate secretary of Adaro.

Adaro paid interim dividend of Rp315 billion on December 10, 2010. With the final dividend of Rp645 billion, Adaro pays Rp960 billion dividend from its 2010 net profit of US$243 million.

Adaro reported sales revenue of US$2.72 billion last year, increased 4.9% in USD, while production and sales of coal increased 4% and 6% respectively.

Adaro produced 42.2 million tons of coal last year, while sales reached 43.84 million tons. Adaro’s average selling price of coal declined slightly by 3% to US$57.18 per ton


Sumber : Indonesia Today

berarti mirip dengan kalkulasi gw @posting ini: lapkeu dan perhitungan dividen adro


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