ihsg dituntun adro … 211210

Indonesian stock was opened higher 0.65 points to 3,569.46 from yesterday’s closing at 3,568.81, led by Adaro Energy.

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) moved within the range of 3,569.46 – 3,591.05. Among 420 stocks supporting the index, 13 rose, 2 fell and 405 were unchanged.

Adaro Energy led the index’s gain with 1.90 points then followed by Bank Negara Indonesia with 1.10 points, Astra Agro Lestari with 0.66 points and Bank Danamon with 0.50 points.

Meanwhile, stocks that restrained the index’s gain were United Tractors with 0.40 points and Gudang Garam with 0.23 points.

Nine index sectors listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange showed positive contributions as led by financial sector with 48.49%, miscellaneous industry with 14.98%, utility, infrastructure and transportation with 11.97%, mining with 11.44%, agriculture with 5.16%, construction, property and real estate with 2.37%, basic industry and chemical with 2.14%, trade and service with 1.27%, and consumer goods with 1.13%.

BISNIS-27 was also opened higher 0.10 point to 313.14 and moved within the range of 313.04 – 315.87.



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