grup recapital MELAJU dengan non HMETD lage … 191110

Capitalinc enlarges IDR123 billion capital
Kamis, 18/11/2010 20:54:53 WIB
by: Irvin Avriano A.
JAKARTA: PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk plans to increase its capital by issuing new series B shares without preemptive rights at the price of IDR1,700 to derived capital as much as IDR123.88 billion.

The shares which will be released has a different offering value with the nominal value of the shares pegged at IDR1,500.

One of the companies owned by Recapital Advisors Group predicts its revenue will reach US$51 million next year, most of which, or US$43 million, will be contributed by oil and gas blocks controls by the company.

This was revealed in the company presentation submitted by the company to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) earlier this week. The company also forecasts its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) will reach US$36 million, the U.S. $ 35 million is contributed from oil and gas sector.

The company also predicts the revenue to have a double incrase in 2012 to US$103 million, and donations from oil and gas blocks for US$92 million.While, the company predicts EBITDA to reach US$75 million and contributions from oil and gas blocks to reach US$73 million.

Previously, the company only engaged in finance, infrastructure, and investment business, however the predictions show that the company will depend on oil and gas division.

When confirmed, the President Director of Capitalinc Budi Prihantoro confirmed these predictions. However, he can not be contacted because he was in a meeting. “It is true that it is accordint to the appropriate materials, I still have meetings, so it’s rather difficult to communicate, thank you,” he said via short message service(SMS).

He also confirmed the company intends to reduce debt to equity ratio (DER) from the level of 12.9 times to 1.6 times after the capital increase without preemptive rights.

In the information disclosure, the company plans to reduce the debt ratio along with the plan to issue new shares amounting to 72.87 million shares, or worth about IDR109.31 billion.

The company also intended to focus its business unit in the oil and gas sector particularly by developing its new acquired company namely, PT Kutai Etam Petroleum, PT Kencana Surya Perkasa, PT Mosesa Petroleum, PT Cahaya Batu Raja Giok and Greenstar Assets Ltd.

By acquiring those five companies, Capitalinc shall control some oil and gas blocks, including Ibul, Tonga, Air Komering, Seingangka-Senipah, Suci and East Kangean.

Budi once stated that his company shall utilize the fresh fund derived from such non-preemptive rights to settle its promissory notes (PN). The notes are the debt of Capitalinc’s newly acquired companies

“Investors requires the Debt Equity Ration to be lower than the current rate,” he said yesterday.

Based on the company’s trading database on Tuesday, the MTFN-coded share was closed at IDR1,500 , retreated by IDR100 or 6.25%, leaving the market capitalization at IDR1.09 trillion.

In the information disclosure submitted to IDX, the company apparently has appointed PT Madani Securities as its financial consultant.

Adding to that, Capitalinc plans to use half of the fresh funds generated from such corporate action to provide capital to its oil and gas subsidiary.

Capitalinc delayed the plan to conduct stock split that was scheduled in its extraordinary shareholder meeting as it still reviews the notion to hold a right issue by next year. (t02/t03/wiw)
Senin, 15/11/2010 18:58:47 WIB
Capitalinc siap emisi saham baru
Oleh: Irvin Avriano A.
JAKARTA: PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk, perusahaan Grup Recapital Advisors, berniat menerbitkan saham baru tanpa hak memesan efek terlebih dahulu (nonpreemptive rights) senilai 72,87 juta lembar, dengan nilai sekitar Rp120 miliar.

Direktur Utama Capitalinc Budi Prihantoro mengatakan perseroan berencana menggunakan dana dari nonpreemptive rights itu untuk melunasi surat sanggup (promissory notes/PN) yang merupakan utang dari anak usaha sektor migas yang baru diakuisisi perseroan.

“Salah satu syarat investor yang disampaikan adalah mereka ingin tingkat DER [rasio utang terhadap ekuitias/utang] kami menurun dari sekarang,” ujarnya ketika dihubungi sore ini.

Berdasarkan data perdagangan saham perseroan hari ini, saham perseroan yang berkode MTFN itu ditutup pada level Rp1.600 sehingga nilai pengumpulan dana itu berkisar pada level Rp116,59 miliar. Dalam keterbukaan informasi kepada PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) hari ini disebutkan perseroan juga telah menunjuk PT Madani Securities sebagai penasehat keuangan.

Dia mengatakan perseroan juga berencana menggunakan sebagian dana dari penerbitan saham itu untuk memodali anak perusahaan migasnya. Kelima blok migas yang baru diakuisisi perseroan adalah PT Kutai Etam Petroleum, PT Kencana Surya Perkasa, PT Mosesa Petroleum, PT Cahaya Batu Raja Giok, dan Greenstar Assets Ltd.

Perseroan, tuturnya, juga menunda rencana pemecahan nilai saham (stock split) yang sebelumnya sudah diagendakan dalam rapat umum pemegang saham luar biasa (RUPSLB) perseroan. Dia juga mengatakan rencana penawaran umum terbatas (rights issue) masih menjadi kajian perseroan untuk dilakukan pada awal tahun depan.

Harga saham Capitalinc yang berkode MTFN itu membentuk kapitalisasi pasarnya sebesar Rp1,16 triliun. (faa)


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