energi terbarukan (ET) : semakin menjanjikan …080710

A parking garage with photovoltaic panels at the University of California at San Diego.Envision SolarA parking garage with photovoltaic panels at the University of California at San Diego.

From our colleagues at Green:

One day early in 2004, Robert Noble, an architect specializing in sustainable design, asked himself why parking lots in the United States weren’t covered in solar panels and used to generate clean energy. A few firms had been building carports with solar panels for some time, but none had acquired a major presence or branched out much beyond the residential market.

“Parking lots are this wasteland – they’re the last thing that gets attention,” Mr. Noble said in an interview. “Here’s a market the size of Alpha Centauri that’s never been tapped.”

Curious to see who else had the same idea, he searched the Internet but found no large-scale manufacturers. So, he decided to start building solar parking structures himself.

In 2005, Mr. Noble founded Envision Solar, now the country’s leading developer of solar carports.


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